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We sell advertising opportunities on behalf of British Airways

More than 43 million people travel with British Airways every year. We're here to help you reach them.

At home

With 13 million unique users globally every month, British Airways' online platforms and advanced segmentation tools can ensure your message reaches around the world.

British Airways Online


BA.com is the commercial hub for British Airways. It is where flights and holidays are booked, check-ins completed and frequent fliers login. BA strive to know their customers best, delivering the exact BA passenger to an advertiser using rich first party data.

British Airways Boarding Pass

Boarding passes

The second most important travel document after your passport, boarding passes are guaranteed to be retained by the customer until they are on board - and are viewed, on average, at least five times during the trip.

  • At the airport...

    Customers spend an average of 90 minutes in the British Airways lounges.

    With 54 lounges worldwide and a monthly audience of 571,600, British Airways lounges offer a unique opportunity to target its most frequent and valuable customers.


Onboard, advertisers have a potential audience of 3.4 million a month.

From British Airways' unique, award-winning magazine portfolio, to TV, to meal-tray cards, inflight advertising offers multiple opportunities to target a captive audience in an uncluttered environment.

TV & Audio

Reach a potential audience of 1.2 million a month through British Airways' longhaul flight entertainment, which includes 200 movies, TV shows, audio options and interactive games.


In a super-connected world, the plane is still a haven for people who love great writing and brilliant photography.

British Airways has the most sophisticated print offering, with opportunities to reach all customers, short haul only or the elite in First.


With 59 British Airways lounges at airports around the world, this is a chance to reach an exclusive audience of premium travellers in a relaxed and receptive mood.

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